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    Publications internationales de l'Unité de Recherche Matériaux, Procédés et Environnement (URMPE) de l’UMBB

    Publications internationales 2019

    1. Souas, F., Safri, A., & Benmounah, A. (2019). Experimental investigation of the rheological behavior of Algerian crude oils from the quagmires. Petroleum Science and Technology, 37(4), 443-451. (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    2. Rebai, N., Hadjadj, A., Benmounah, A., Berrouk, A. S., & Boualleg, S. M. (2019). Prediction of natural gas hydrates formation using a combination of thermodynamic and neural network modeling. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 182, 106270. (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    3. Bekraoui, A., Hadjadj, A., Benmounah, A., &Oulhadj, M. (2019). Uncertainty study of fiscal orifice meter used in a gas Algerian field. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 66, 200-208. (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    4. Lekkam, M., Benmounah, A., Kadri, E. H., Soualhi, H., & Kaci, A. (2019). Influence of saturated activated carbon on the rheological and mechanical properties of cementitious materials. Construction and Building Materials198, 411-422.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    5. Mehraz, S., Kongsong, P., Taleb, A., Dokhane, N., & Sikong, L. (2019). Large scale and facile synthesis of Sn doped TiO2 aggregates using hydrothermal synthesis. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 189, 254-262.  (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    6. Chouk, R., Aguir, C., Haouanoh, D., Bergaoui, M., Tala-Ighil, R., Stathatos, E., &Khalfaoui, M. (2019). A first-principles computational and experimental investigation on schiff base cobalt complex towards designing solar cells. Journal of MolecularStructure, 1196676-684. (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    7. Sabrina Hemsas, Messaoudhachemi, Adsorption of methylene Blue Dye by Stipatenacissima L (Alfa fibers) in aqueous solution: Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Mechanismâ[Revue Roumaine de Chimie] 2019.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    8. Azibi, M., Saoula, N., &Aknouche, H. (2019). The influence of substrate bias voltage on the electrochemical properties of ZrN thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering: Biomedical application. Journal of Electrical Engineering70(7), 112-116. (Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    9. Ait-Djafer, Z. A., Saoula, N., Wamwangi, D., Madaoui, N., &Aknouche, H. (2019). Bias voltage effect on magnetron sputtered titanium aluminum nitride TiAlN thin films properties. European Physical Journal. Applied Physics86.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    10. Taleb, Samia, Dokhan, Nahed, ZazI, Nacer, et al. Perpendicular Weak Permanent Magnetic Field Effect on the Electrodeposited Nanostructured ZnO Film and its Kinetic Corrosion Behavior. Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, 2019, vol. 55, no 4, p. 781-788.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
    11. Kerkar, F., Kheloufi, A., Dokhan, N., Ouadjaout, D.,Belhousse, S., Medjahed, S., &Laib, K. (2019). Oxygen and Carbon Distribution in 80Kg Multicrystalline Silicon Ingot. Silicon, 1-6.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ
    12. Boutiba, Aldjia, Chaid, Rabah, et MOLEZ, Laurent.Characterisation and microstructure of high-performance concretes reinforced with metal fibres ripened in seawater. European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2019, vol. 23, no 9, p. 1083-1093.(Revue  de rang ʺAʺ)
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    14. Boukherroub, N., Hemmous, M., Guittoum, A., Martínez-Blanco, D., Souami, N., Gorria, P., & Blanco, J. A. (2019). Structure, Microsctructure and Magnetic Properties of Ternary (Fe0. 6Al0. 4) 100-xSix Nanostructured Powders: Effect of Si Addition. In Journal of Nano Research (Vol.58, pp.102-117). Trans Tech Publications Ltd. (Revue de rang ʺAʺ)
    15. AitMedjber, F., Saidi, M., Safi, B., &Mechakra, H. (2019). Evaluareaeficienţeinisipului dune caadăugaremineralăpentru a producebetonfibră ultra-performante. Revista Romana de InginerieCivila, 10(1), 34-50. (Revue de rang ʺBʺ)
    16. Basaid, D., Benmounah, A., &Aribi, C. (2019). Experimental study of environmentally Friendly composite materials Behavior in aeronautical applications. Algerian Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 5(1). (Revue de rang ʺBʺ)
    17. Basaid, Djamel, Benmounah, Abdelbaki, &Aribi, Chouaib,AbdelghaniMay,Etude expérimentale de la réparation des structures d'aéronefs par collage des patchs à base d'époxy et fibre de verre,Journal of Materials and Engineering structures (2019)409-426,(Revue de rang ʺBʺ)
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    24. SEBKI, Ghania, SAFI, Brahim, et CHAHOUR, Kahina. Recycling of Foundry Sand Wastes in Self-Compacting Mortars: Use as Cementitious Materials and Fine Aggregates. Journal of Applied Engineering Sciences, 2019, vol. 9, no 2, p. 195-200.
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    35. Djanette BLIZAK, Messaoud Hamiane ;Exploring the role of a training program about the use of ict on personal 64 sense of efficacy and intrinsic motivation of newly recruited teachers at he university,INTE-ISTEC-ITICAM 2019, Prague, Czech Republic P.64.(Revue de rang ʺBʺ)
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